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Beautiful Article By Sheikh Abu Bakar Ba'ashir of Indonesia

[This article was published in the 24th issue of Nida'ul Islam magazine July - August 1998]. We have posted it today so that we may learn more about Shaykh Abu Bakr Basheer who has collapsed in custody. Of course it would not be from torture, as the "civilized" West do not use torture as a means of interrogation.]


Abah Billy


By: Sheikh Abdullah Sungkar & Sheikh Abu Bakar Ba'ashir

We give this Tadhkirah (reminder) in an effort to ward off the Musibah (crisis) which has most recently befallen the Islamic Ummah of Indonesia and generally the entire Islamic Ummah. May it happen that Allah gives his help to all of them in order that they are saved from this disaster and head in the direction of the True Path.

We direct this reminder towards:

1. In particular, the Muslims in Indonesia and the Islamic Ummah in general.

2. The Indonesian people (non-Muslims), besides the Islamic Ummah.

To the Islamic Ummah:

O Ummah of Islam!

In truth, the disaster which has befallen the Islamic Ummah in this 20th century commenced with the fall of the 'Uthmaani Khilafah in the month of March, 1924. The occurrence of this event constituted the starting point of the crisis which have befallen the Islamic Ummah throughout the various nations of the world.

Under the colonialisation of the Dutch (Christian Kuffar) and the Japanese (sun worshipping Mushriks), the Islamic Ummah of Indonesia witnessed the colonial oppression and misappropriation of the Islamic Ummah's rights in a most brutal fashion. This is proof from history which cannot be denied. The events of these tragic crisis hurt the heart of the Islamic Ummah.

By the leave and help of Allah (s.w.t) the Muslims successfully drove the Kaffir Dutch and the Mushrik Japanese from the soil of the Islamic Ummah in Indonesia. Therefore at that time, the Muslims had the perfect opportunity to implement their rights, namely, to apply the laws of Islam.

However, that golden opportunity soon elapsed and instead a new disaster replaced that of before. Because of the Muslims' neglect, they eventually had no initiative whatsoever to implement the laws of Islam. This second disaster occurred in the time of the 'Old Order' regime under the leadership of Soekarno.

The fire of the crisis that was born of the 'Old Order', was fed and fanned by communist doctrines until the events of 'Gestapu' (September the 30th movement of 1965 when the communists attempted to overthrow the government) which resulted in the loss of the lives of tens of thousands of Muslims (some number it as high as 800,000 lives). Besides that the 'Old Order' gave rise to the deviated doctrines of NASAKOM (a mix of Nationalism, Religion, Communism) which clearly damaged the Creed of the Muslims.

However, in a repeat of history, the Muslims, by the leave and help of Allah (s.w.t) successfully brought down the 'Old Order'. Overall, the Islamic Ummah supposed that this 'New Order' was a realisation of the blessings of Allah which would carry the strength of Islam forward. But during its course the 'New Order' turned into a disaster worse than and more terrifying than that of before.

The then 'New Order', under the management of Soeharto with the armed forces as his instrument, afterwards put into force a strategy of deceit and torment (which was devised by CSIS -Centre for Strategic and International Studies- , a secular think-tank made up of Kaffir Chinese and Christians). This conceived strategy proved to be a hammer blow and its poison was at its most venomous towards the Creed of the Muslims as it tried to extinguish the hopes of Islam in Indonesia. Amongst the major sins that Soeharto's 'New Order' brought against the Islamic Ummah are:

The implementation of marriage laws which were in complete contradiction of Islamic law, to the point were they were fervently demonstrated against.

The decision to establish Pancasila (the five basic principles of the Republic of Indonesia: the belief in a God Almighty; humanity that is just and civilised; the unity of Indonesia; democracy guided by the wisdom of redeliberation; social justice for all Indonesians) as the one and only system for all political parties and mass organisations. This very clearly constitutes shirk and it was enforced by Soeharto's 'New Order' upon the Muslims. The reason why it is shirk is since the principles which serve as the basis for all aspects of private or communal matters within the Islamic Ummah can only be the Qur'an and the Sunnah. This is a firm conviction which cannot be compromised or altered whatsoever.

The prohibition of political parties which could possibly produce an Islamic leader who agree with the Qur'an and the Sunnah. This strategy definitively closed the doors on efforts to uphold a leader who was in accordance with the Qur'an and the Sunnah, which is an important obligation of the Islamic Ummah towards Allah and His Messenger (s.a.w).

The implementation of a doctrine which states that all religions are the same and the doctrine of P4 (the fourth principle of Pancasila) which clearly attacks the Creed of the Muslims as well as being contradictory to the laws of Islam.

The slaughter and extermination of those within the Islamic Ummah who demand that Islamic law be put into effect in Indonesia. The bloody events of Tanjung Priok in 1984 and those in Lampung some years afterwards, are proof of the cruelty and brutality of Soeharto's 'New Order' towards the Islamic Ummah.

The bloody actions of Soeharto's 'New Order' with the armed forces as his instrument, which truly strove the hardest they possibly could in order to eradicate Islamic behaviour in Indonesia, are blatant indications of their hate towards Islam.

Another vital complication which has occurred in the time of Soeharto's 'New Order' is the drastic decline of the Indonesian economy which started with the economic monopoly by the Soeharto 'dynasty', and those people close to him, towards the national debt (whose payments were burdened upon the common people and which skyrocketed with the continual corruption) that increased disturbingly until there was an economic rift between the indigenous people, who were mainly Muslim, and the Chinese who were mainly Kuffar.

O Ummah of Islam!

Be aware that the reasons for the crisis of the 'Old Order' and the 'New Order' were because we were neglectful and failed to be thankful for the blessings of Allah at the time we strove against the Dutch ChrKuffar and the Mushrik Japanese.

Until now we continue to fill Indonesia with evils in contradiction to the laws of Islam. That is a form of Kufr due to our neglect of the blessings of Allah.

We must realise our mistakes regarding this matter. We must fill this nation only with those concepts of a nation which is founded upon the Qur'an and the Sunnah, until all of Islam's Shari'ah Laws are in place in accordance with the command of Allah:

"O you who believe! Enter perfectly into Islam (by obeying all the rules and regulations of the Islamic religion) and follow not the footsteps of Satan. Verily! He is to you a plain enemy." [2: 208].

O Ummah of Islam!

Whoever leads Indonesia, we must realise that the struggle to come must be directed towards smoothing the way for strengthening the laws of Islam, with the understanding that this nation is a gift from Allah and it must be based on the Qur'an and the Sunnah, without exception. Only this will save Indonesia from the crisis. As for the scholars who teach and convey the Message of Islam, they must bring this matter to the awareness of the common people, until the direction and purpose of this struggle is truly understood and founded by the Islamic Ummah.

We have two choices before us:

Life in a nation based upon the Qur'an and the Sunnah or

Death while striving to implement, in their entirety, laws based upon the Qur'an and the Sunnah.

The third choice is to degrade ourselves and this is detested by Allah (s.w.t.): "O you who believe! If you help (in the Cause of) Allah, He will help you, and make your foothold firm. But those who disbelieve, for them is destruction, and (Allah) will make their deeds vain." [47: 7-8].

To the non-Muslim Indonesians:

Be aware that the basic rights of the Islamic Ummah is the practise of the laws and Shari'ah of Islam, in its entirety, especially since they make up the majority of the people in Indonesia. History shows that the Muslims in Indonesia were those in the majority who spilt their blood against the colonialist Dutch and Japanese in Indonesia, until by the Mercy and help of Allah they successfully drove them from the land of Indonesia. As the majority of the population, they have the right to regulate Indonesia with the laws of Islam. This time the Islamic Ummah is striving hard in the pursuit of their basic rights. You have no right to block our way!

O nation of Indonesia (non-Muslim), have belief that you will only achieve justice by the implementation of Islamic Shari'ah. Under the protection of Islam, all religions are at liberty to practise their worship and are not forced to embrace Islam, whether that be by fair means or foul.

"There is no compulsion in religion. Verily, the right path has become distinct from the wrong path." [2: 256]

Have belief that corruption, crime, nepotism and various other misdeeds will only be removed totally by the laws of Islam. The history of mankind proves that laws other than those of Islam have never been able to solve these problems, whether in the West or the East.

Have belief that a fair and peaceful prosperity can only be materialised by the practise of Islamic Shari'ah in this nation. Laws other than the laws of Islam, despite the possibility of being able to bring about alleged prosperity, will not be capable of bringing into reality peacefulness.

Do not be in opposition to the laws of Allah Who created you and fulfilled all your needs.

May it be that Allah (s.w.t.) blesses this reminder. O Allah bear witness to the truth of this as we fulfil your commands to the best of our ability. Forgive our transgressions.